FUTURE EDGE was established in the year 2009 formally in the year 2013 and subsequently registered under the company. Fundamentally, we are a services support primarily dealing with Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Testing, operation & maintenance, monitoring of Sandwich panel, Elevator, Air conditioner, power Sub-stations, Generators, Solar power system, Lighting system, CCTV & IP Camera Solution, Access Control & Time Attendance Systems, Intruder & Fire Alarm system, Fire Extinguisher, Arch-way & Handheld Metal Detector & some other related product. we also accommodate trading practices on a broad spectrum. Our effort is always on value-added strategy for both customers and clientele. We would like to confess that we are not an omnipotent flaw-free genius of an organization. We do make mistakes but then there is a difference. We don’t make them at other’s expense.


Meet challenges squarely by containing pressures with exacting consistency, perseverance, and a sense of total commitment with a view to delivering an excellent services support system and further Strengthening the dealer-client relationship.


We are committed to enriching the lives of everyone who comes into contact with our solutions. Our ambition is to empowering everyone to rise to the development challenges of modern living. We always focus on our services and quality.