We Future Edge supply a variety of products for residential and commercial property  Sandwich panels.

Insulated sandwich panels manufactured at our factory comprising on-site filled polyurethane rigid foam core, sandwiched between two metal skins, in a single step process. Panels are in modular sections that are connected easily to each other by a special integral locking system called Tongue & Groove locking mechanism to enable quick and simple assembly and dismantling. Customers can also choose optional CAM locking mechanism too which will provide superior end to end contact between the panels eliminating any room for temperature loss.

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Advantages Of Polyurethane Sandwich Panels
Polyurethane rigid foam is one of the best known insulation.
It has a closed cell foam structure, each cell containing an entrapped gas of extremely low thermal conductivity. Due to this, the thermal conductivity of polyurethane foam is less than half of that of conventional insulation materials resulting in significant savings in energy costs.
Polyurethane foam in our panels are of a high density ( 40 +/- 2 kg/m3) providing superior thermal and structural properties.
Our panels contain specially coated PPGI metal skins. These, in combination with the toughness of polyurethane foam, lend excellent structural properties& dimensional stability to the panels.No action of water, humidity, alkalis, rodents. vermin, termites or other insect etc. Thus resulting in low, maintenance costs and long life. Very low ageing rate ensures stable performance over entire life

ROCKWOOL Sandwich Panel

Rock Wool Panels are the most popular product. We can supply and install it. We also provide Servicing.


Industrial insulation, developed by ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation. Future Edge smart solution makes it better for clients.


Future Edge Glasswool is the most common insulation used in homes and commercial buildings Bangladesh.

PE Insulation Foam

Future Edge PE Foam An excellent material used in thermal insulation roof insulation, wall insulation.

Composite Panel

Future Edge Composite panels, also known as sandwich panels, are a popular construction material.

Stainless Steel Sheet

We Future Edge can supply special materials and the service of a custom size. Meanwhile, Small batch, short delivery time.

Flexible Duct

Future edge duct full fills your needs. We provide flexible duct to our client. You can trust in our product.

C Channel

Future Edge C Channel used primarily in building construction and civil engineering.

Profile Sheet

Future Edge provides Profile Sheet solutions for Bangledshi clients and different conditions.

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